Couple who wedded in t-shirts gets shocking blessings from people after their photo went viral

 You see, that is why its always good to be who you are.

A Kenyan couple who shocked the net after photos of their simple wedding stormed the net have garnered themselves a huge favour from people who were touched by their story.

Several companies and individuals who fell in love with their humble wedding have come forward with offers of a fully paid luxury honeymoon and so much more.
 Ann and Wilson Mutura had spent only KSh 100 for their nuptials officiated by a pastor going by the name Prince Jasper Ojwach on Facebook.

While Wilson wore a red t-shirt, khaki trousers and grey sneakers, the bride wore a similar top, a denim skirt and simple open black shoes.
Many people in Kenya and international community were so ecstatic about the wedding that here is so far, a list of offers the couple have gotten from the public. They are as listed by one Ndung'u Nyoro:

    1. SLIQUE EVENTS PLANNER Ltd through M.D Aaltonen Jumba has offered a fully sponsored wedding to give Wilson & Anne an opportunity to celebrate with friends and family
    2. BONFIRE ADVENTURES AND EVENTS through CEO Kabu Simon has offered an all expenses paid honeymoon package.
    3. FINE CINEMA PRODUCTION through M.D Maureen Karee have offered make-up artist and free photoshoot on Valentine's Day.
    4. Lilian, a volunteer in U.S has pledged start-up capital for a small business whichever Anne will find appealing.
    5. Moses Meingati has offered one goat as a wedding gift
    6. Geoffrey Ngari has pledged a cake to the couple.
    7. Derek Otieno, Wambui King'ori, Rosalind Njogu, Monica Chau and many others have pledged small tokens to celebrate this marriage.

Husband Mutura narrates how their wedding happened as told by Ndungu Nyoro on Facebook:

    In 2016, we started planning for our wedding, Pastor Jasper even started announcing in Church. We had planned for the wedding to be in December 2016 and every church member was looking forward to it.
    Unfortunately we could not raise money for the wedding. I am employed to sell apples in a mkokoteni where I'm paid on commission. If I sell apples worth kshs 1000, I am paid kshs 100.
    Having not raised the cash, we cancelled the wedding.
    In as much as we couldn't raise money, we still wanted to do it in a Godly way. We talked to our pastor about it and later visited our parents from both sides who okayed our move. They had no problem with us not paying dowry now, in fact they wanted it done later, something that made us happy.
    On the material day, I had 200 shillings in my pocket. I went to church as usual but waited after praise and worship session when I dashed to a malimali shop where I bought my rings at KSh 100. The remainder is what we took for our first supper as a married couple.

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