Kukere Sisters: Episode 18

A nurse who saw Onyinye struggling to maintain her balance rushed and held her.

"What is happening to you?" the nurse asks

Onyi didn't utter a word, rather she faintly pointed towards the hospital entrance.

The nurse did not understand her gesture. She took her inside the hospital and started sprinkling water on her.

After some minutes, Onyi regained herself and started crying again. This attracted the attention of other nurses who came asking what her problem was.

"Is there any of your family members living in this Awka?" One of the nurses asked.

"Yes, my sister Anna" Onyi replied

"OK, should we call her for you?"

"Yes" Onyi nodded crying uncontrollably.

"OK, call out her number" the nurse requested.

"Don't worry nurse, let me call her myself and I think I should be going now, thank you so much for your concern"

"Are you sure you are Ok? I think it's better you call that your sister to assist you home" the nurse insisted.

Onyi said Ok and called Anna's number, still it was switched off.

"Nurse, her number is not available, don't worry, I can go on my own"

"OK, if you insist" the nurse said.

Onyi thanked all the nurses that came to help her, praised them for their hospitality.
When she passed the hospital gate, she reminisced how Austin abused her verbally and drove off, she started shedding tears again not minding she was walking on the road. She headed back to the hotel to meet Anna since her phone was not available.

"Anna! Anna!!Anna!!!" She gasped.

Anna who already knew what was happening pretended, acting so confused and concerned.

"Onyi, just calm down and tell me what is happening, what is it, did anybody die?"

"Anna, my worst fear has come to life, Austin has found out everything, he has found out that I lied to him ooo" Onyi said placing her hands on her head.

"Oh my God! How come? Onyi tell me you are joking" Anna asked in fake concern.

"I wish I'm dreaming, so I can wake up from this terrible nightmare" Onyi continued crying uncontrollably.

At that moment, Anna started feeling hurt by what she was doing to her sister.
"Onyi, I pray your spirit forgives me, I should have told you Austin was the same Cyko, but I know you will never let him go, you will even beg me to leave him for you as your big sister, and give Ebuka a chance. So that's why I'm taking this step. Definitely, you will find out someday, but by that time, it must have already been late for you. Please forgive me my precious sister, please forgive me" Anna said in her heart, weeping silently.

"Onyi stop crying, I understand your pains. You see, you have made me to start crying now." Anna said wiping her tears

"Anna, I can't imagine a world without him, he made everything seem beautiful. When I met him newly, I never had any single love for him, he used to help me with most of the things I need. You know one thing with men, they can't help a lady freely without seeking for anything in return, 
so in order not to loose that kind of person, and to prevent him from demanding sex from me, I lied to him that I was a virgin. He was so pleased to hear that. I never knew that Oneday, I will fall heads over heels in love with him, that decency became the foundation of his love for me. Now I have lost him. But the worst of it all, he was angry with something else, he was accusing me of leaving Onitsha to meet my school boyfriend and that I also blocked his numbers from my phone, he also...."

Anna cut in: "Onyi just pull yourself together, he is still angry with the lies, dont worry, soon, he will snap out of it and come back for you. Yes, he will, he loves you very much, just give him time to sulk his angers out." Anna consoled 

As Anna was still talking, Onyi brought out her phone to call him. 
"Who are you calling" Anna asked

"I want to call him" Onyi answered

"I don't think he will answer, just give him time to sulk himself out" Anna suggests

"Let me try first" Onyi said hoping he answers, but sadly, he ignored her. When she called the second time, he rejected it. She called again, it gave no signal.

Onyi burst into tears again: "Oow, he has blocked me. What is happening to me, who cursed me? So I have lost him forever. Who will call me 'my Sunshine' again?" 

Onyi cried bitterly and asked Anna to give her her phone to call him, that she really need to speak with him.

"Noo, I have told you to let him be, he will still come around. Let's go back to the hostel, our time is about to elapse." Anna suggests

One hour later, they reached Onyi's hostel, Anna prepared her favorite Jollof rice, but Onyi had no appetite. She forced her to eat atleast two spoons and drink water, but she refused.
At that moment, Anna started making plans on the excuse she will give Onyi to travel down to Onitsha to meet Austin, because she knew she was supposed to be with her in that situation. But Onyi was also planning to travel to Onitsha.

"Anna, I want to go to Onitsha to meet Austin" Onyi said.

"O...nyi...nye! I have told you to give him sometime to recover from the shock. You will be making things worse by going to his house. Trust me, he will come for you, just give him two to three days, he will come around. Cheer up and eat your food, its getting cold" Anna convinced her.

Onyi managed to take only 5 spoons, drank water and then lied on her mattress sobbing quietly. Before she knew it, she slept off. Anna later joined her on the mattress and they slept.

About 4:pm, Anna told Onyi that she needed to go back to her hostel, that there was a guy she had been begging to help her with one of their hardest courses, and that day was the only day he said he will have chance to tutor her. But before she could finish, Onyi interrupted and said:

"Don't worry, just go. That one is more important, don't worry about me"

"You know I'm not supposed to leave you in this condition" Anna said.

"Is it about Austin and I? Don't worry, I know he loves me, he will still come back for me" Onyi comforts herself

"Yea! That's my girl, I'm happy you are sounding this way. So let me start going then" She said and left.

About 6:56pm, Anna set out for Onitsha, before she could reach Austin's apartment, it was already 8:45pm, that was the perfect time she planned to reach.

When she knocked, nobody opened, but she knew Austin was in the house because his car was parked inside the compound.
She continued knocking, later Austin who had been languishing in liquor opened the door.

"You? Another witch" Austin said eructated in her face.

Anna covered her nose and stepped into the house.

"I never asked you in" as he was still speaking, Anna entered inside. 
Austin who was no longer in his rightful sense, shut the door and staggered slowly inside.

"Another witch!" Austin said gulping his liquor while some dripped from his mouth

"How much liquor do you have to consume because of that girl?" Anna asked noticing that Austin was no longer in his rightful judgement.

"Yes, this is my perfect opportunity to hit my target, he will succumb to anything I do to him this night". Anna said to herself

"Come on Cyko, I'm here for you, come inside I want to show you something?"

"Is My Sunshine inside? Go and call her, I want to tell her something"

"Yes, she is waiting for you in the bedroom" 

"Really?" Austin asked smiling childishly

Anna said "yes" and started lifting him up, as he was standing up, he vomited, but she was able to dodge it from splashing on her.
Later they found themselves in the bedroom. 

Anna started romancing him, but he did not respond, instead, he was calling out for Onyinye.

"How do I get him in the mood now? Ok let me s**k him" She said to herself.

Immediately she started s**king him, Austin rose speedily, grabbed her, pushed her down on the bed and torn her pant. He was rough, but Anna never bothered, all she wanted was to succeed in her plans. He devoured her in scx like an angry lion. After the rough battle on bed, he slept off. Anna went to the sitting room, picked the bottles, cleaned the mess, went back to the room and slept beside him.

The next morning, Austin was shocked to see her lying beside him, he jumped up immediately.

"Ebere, what are you doing here? How did you enter this house?" Confused Austin asked 

"But you were the one who opened the door for me last night, we even made love"

"Oooom! Ebere before I count 5, you better be gone from this house. I said get out" Austin roared. 

"Cyko, you need me now in your life" Anna said warmly.

"Woman, don't allow me to hit you, I said leave this minute. Oh! you are even wearing my boxers, what have I done to women in this world? You had the guts to open my wardrobe?...Now go go go...." He started pushing her.

As he was pushing her, his door bell rang. 
"Who is the fucker disturbing me this morning" he asked in an angry tone.

When he opened the door, he was displeased to see Onyinye. They stood looking at each other. When she looked down, she saw Anna's slippers


To be continued.....
Kukere Sisters: The Writer, Ngozi Lovelyn Odinigwe


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