Kukere Sisters: Episode 11

"What is my sister's picture doing as a wallpaper in Cyko's phone? Does it mean he is.......? Oh no!" Anna rhetorics in sheer surprise, and started sobbing silently.

If Onyinye were to be another girl, she wouldn't mind playing the snatch game. She then sat helplessly on the bed thinking on what to do. She recalled how she had spent 7 years of her life waiting for Austin and how they have made love.

"No, I will tell her, I have to tell her Austin is the same man I have been yearning for."

When Cyko(Austin) came out from the bathroom and saw the moody look on her face, he walked passed her to the place he kept his phone, when he saw the messages Onyi sent, he became more angrier with himself, feeling more guilty.
Anna wondered why his mood changed immediately after they finished making love. So in a stern looking face, he excused himself to get something from outside, but Anna knew his true intentions. He went outside to make calls because she knew the kind of love Austin and Onyinye shared for each other. She concluded within her that telling Cyko she waa Onyinye's sister doesn't sound wise. It was better she pretended along.

While Austin was on call, he lied to Onyinye that something came up, that an important client visited him with a huge business offer, so there was no way he could have missed such an opportunity, that that was why he didn't make it to Awka again.

"Yes, I understood the nature of your business, but you should have informed me earlier, did you know how much I dipped my head in worries, thinking that something tragic had happened to you on your way to Awka" Onyi said in a weak voice.

Onyinye's weak voice made Austin to start feeling more guilty.
As he turned to the east, he saw Ebere(Anna) standing right in front of him with sheer uncertainty in her eyes. He quickly disconnected the call, telling Onyi he will call her back.

"I am going now" she blurted
"Going now, why?" He asked looking at Anna's charming brown eyes and her finely curved hips which balanced on her blue tight jean.

"Isn't that what you wanted? When we saw today, we were so happy, we chatted, laughed, and finally, we made love, I thought that is what we both wanted. But as soon as you got what you wanted, your mood swung. You should have told me you are in a serious relationship" Anna said in tears because the woman in question was her very own sister whom she adored so much.

Looking at Anna shedding tears, Austin became weak again and he said to himself: "Man, you have to stop weakling around and be a man for once. What am I even talking about here! I have not married Onyinye yet. Infact, I have to be sure before making the final decision. Mehn! Just look at this beauty right in front of me."

"Ebere wait" he said "there is no point going now, yes I'm in a relationship, but that is not in anyway an issue, because I thought I have lost you forever. Ok, come let us go inside and discuss this." He requests

Anna who had a high active soft spot for Austin willingly followed him inside, but concluded within her that there was no future for them. Though Austin was her weakness, but her sister's happiness was more important to her. 
While they were inside, Austin only determined to use the opportunity to get to know her the more, the kind of woman she grew up to be, because she was only a young girl when they started dating.

But their romantic nature did not allow that to happen. Their body chemistry was too high that they could't help it. Before they knew what was happening, they had already gone 3 rounds. They both had the same traits when it comes to love making.
After the series of love making, Anna determined in her heart to fight for her love, that there is no man she will be able to love the way she does for Cyko.

"Onyinye is a beautiful girl, she is still young and has always gotten whatever she wanted in life, if I snatch Cyko from her, she will definitely find another man who will even be more handsome and successful than Cyko, there is no point telling her now, she will still find out someday, but before then, it must have already been late for her. So Onyi, I beckon on your spirit to forgive me on this step I'm about to take, I strongly believe you will forgive me in the future" she prayed in her heart and started devising the means to separate Austin from Onyinye.

To be continued.....

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