How To Get The Complete Episodes Of The Story, CHIMUANYA (the charmer)

CHIMUANYA (the Charmer) by Ngozi Lovelyn Odinigwe
Hope you still remember our previous episode on Chimuanya?
The last word Chimuanya said to Mr Benson?
She told him "We Shall See!!"
The game becomes tough for Chimuanya after Mr Benson broke his promise of sending her to the University and threatened to kill her if she reveals the secret. But yet, he was never over her and he even went ahead to perform the most wicked act of all. Hmmm!!
But Chimuanya is no longer that village girl, she devised a bigger plan of achieving something even more greater. What do you think is the source of her strength?
The Game has just begun! Who do you think will win this game?

Grab your own copy now and get the remaining episodes of this thrilling story of CHIMUANYA, the charmer by Ngozi Lovelyn Odinigwe.
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