KAI official BEATEN UP in Lagos after arresting a recharge card SELLER

 Yesterday, the officials of the Kick Against Indiscipline, KAI, stormed Allen Avenue, Lagos and arrested a recharge card seller. They forced him into their van after treating him to some beating. Passersby who felt the boy had done nothing wrong however stood up for him and avenged him by descending on the officials.

Went it was clear that they’re outnumbered, the official ran into their van and took off. One of them was however unlucky to be caught. His face was duly sandwiched between hot slaps and punches that were flying recklessly at the scene. People later begged for his release…. bt he ended up gaining few pounds of weight, thanks to the body swelling occasioned by the punches, lols!! Pls ignore the last part, just for jokes

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