Suicide Bomber Dies After Failed Attempt To Attack Church In Gombe State

A suicide bomber was the only one to die in a failed attempt to attack the Evangelical Church of West Africa, ECWA (pictured above), at Tudunwada in Gombe state yesterday January 1st.
According to reports, the suicide bomber arrived the church at about 8am in a motorcycle and attempted to forcefully drive into the premises which was parked full of worshipers as the church was holding its new year celebration service.
As he made to enter, the suicide bomber was stopped by members
of the church's Boys Brigade stationed at the entrance of the church for security purpose. The bomb on him immediately exploded, killing him and injuring 8 others who were immediately rushed to the hospital for medical attention.
This attack came barely 24hours after two suicide bombers attempted to attack the Army barracks in Gombe state on New years eve. Reports say the suicide bombers arrived the military check point leading to the barracks at about 8pm and in the course of waiting to be searched, the bomb which was in a bag carried by one of the suicide bombers blew up, killing both of them instantly.

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