Omoni Oboli Shares Adorable Family Photos As They Hang Out for the New Year

Omoni Oboli shared this photo of her happy family hanging out for the New Year. She has three cute boys as children, a handsome and caring husband, she is a successful actress and movie producer, her movie was premiered in Aso Rock. She has every reason to be happy and flaunt her family on social media.
Her caption on the photo goes:
Cool and the gang! �� Happy new year once again! I see greatness everywhere. The plan is for all of us to make it but
anyone that digs a hole for us will fall into it themselves! God has prepared a table
for us in the presence of our enemies. We will have cause to dance throughout the year in Jesus name! #wifemotheractressdirector #Weareroyalty #westaywinning #winningisinourdna #TheObolis #Ionlyhavelovetogive 

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