Oh Jeez!! Who Is This? Please Can Somebody Ask Obafemi Martins Whose The Guy Beside Him?

 Obafemi Martins posted this photo of himself and this dude on Instagram with no caption. I was so curious as to who he is, so I decided to find out. His name is Wasiu a.k.a Hello Sir, Olosa and Onala. They also call him Lil Wayne because of his tattoos.
I found out that he is an old friend of obafemi, they used to play football together in Lagos Island, but because he couldn't find his way abroad or make it to the National team like Obagoal, he
became frustrated, and according to people who know him well, he is now a drug addict.
Obafemi Martins has just reunited with him. I am sure he is looking for ways to rekindle the fire of life in him.

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