New Year Love: Check Out D'banj's Latest Lover, But Is She The Really The One? (Find out Here)

 South African DJ And TV host Bonang Matheba is in Lagos, Nigeria where she spent her New Years day with The Koko Master, Dbanj. She shared a photo on Instagram of herself sitting on Dbanj's laps and the pair looked every bit romantic.
During the first week of December 2014, Dbanj was in Johannesburg, South Africa and hung out with Bonang. During his stay there she shared a photo of Dbanj kissing her lovingly on the cheek.

Bonang's current Instagram avatar is herself and D'banj. The South African beauty also showed off a photo of a gorgeous Dolce &Gabbana bag she got for Christmas and one of her followers commented saying "This is the work of Dbanj. I just have a feeling. Beautiful!"
The female also kept tweeting about how 2015 is her year of love. Is that love D'banj? And what happened to Dbanj's girlfriend Adama Indimi?
So Now, is she really the one?

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