''YOU'' A Must Read Article By Charly Boy

Charly Boy released New Article, Read below....
My personal person, personally I know what you are going through this season, these are crazy times, and most of us are about to snap, life is really unpredictable with its twisted sense of humour. I dey feel you die my guy, I understand your pain, your hopelessness in an environment that has promised so much but have given so little. With this mass unemployment, consistent frustration and stagnation, coupled with the anticipation of who will lead you in
2015, how can you break this jinx you ask?  I represent you all in this wilderness in the middle of nowhere. I know the frustration you face in trying to carve a niche for yourself, a place to be rooted, something to engage yourbeing with, and something to make you look forward to tomorrow.
I am sure you want something to live for and find your way to joy. My
person, I know e don tey wey  your life dey waka anyhow,  I see how so
many of us have lost faith in this country with many more convinced
that there can be no chance of a turn around, because they see Naija
as a lost case. 
Those that have power and are in power, are far too comfortable to
notice the pain of those who suffer, and those who suffer have no
power to speak the truth to power, on one hand are those corrupted by
power, and on the other, are those corrupted by weakness and foolish
fear(Worse still 2015 election brings no hope with it).  However
critical our situation is, it is time for exceptional Naijas to rescue
us; no race ever made it this far without breaking away from the
clutches of sycophants and narrow minded mindset.  Germany lost
Hitler; America released the slaves and let the plantation rot. Great
Britain finally stopped trying to colonize everybody and beat a wise
retreat into their own backyard. Egyptian youths have had enough, even
Ghana called a spade a spade, and because they did, they are doing
better. Name names, browse through the civilizations, you will see
this painful rugged road stretch out ahead of mankind like a
mathematical formula surviving on the strength of its validity. I must
confess that I have had periods of extended self-pity, sometimes I
have felt conned by this country, some other times I wish I was still
at the prime of my youth so I could really lash out physically on all
those who have sold our future. 
We have all ended up trusting nobody and believing in nobody.  Still,
I have faith that is why I will always believe in the "exceptional"
few who I know can salvage what's left of our country.  And you may
just be one of them.  It has been story, story, story for decades now
as we commenced our fast forward descend. It is shameful, it is
unbelievable that in a country packed full with more than a few very
creative, progressive, hardworking intellectuals, we let riffraff,
scumbags, fraudsters, scavengers hold sway, hummmmmmmm, what a mess.
From the East to the West, from the South to the North, from the
senate to the executives all I see is the growing number of scammers
and gangsters. Even this coming election na scam, but are we just
going to sit and watch? My guy, this home grown ‘Demoncrazy’ is
turning into something worse than ‘kleptocracy’. For people without
integrity we know that nothing else matters to them. My guy, we cannot
afford to ignore our future and allow the privileged few to extinguish
Hummmmmm!!!!  You are asking me what we should DO? My guy, just be the
change YOU want to see first. The rot has gone way past those at the top.

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