Tony Tetuila Reveals Why He Stepped Down Before The APC Primaries

Tony Tetuila came out as one of those entertainers who wanted to try out their hands in politics, but Tony Tetuila all of a sudden he decided to step down.
Sahara TV contacted Tony Tetuila and he said: –
“I used to be a musician and now i’m going into politics. I believe I still need to learn more. They said fine, no matter how you are going, you are part of us. That’s why I love the party APC. They showed me the way and told me no matter what, I’m part of them.”
Losing the primaries
“Let me say indirectly I actually stepped down before the
primaries. At least he is capable for the seat now which I’m giving all my support for him as an indigene and as an artist and a person thats from the same constituency “Compensation
“Errm..don’t let us let the cat out of the bag, but i believe with my hard work and the way I’m carrying people along especially the youth, there would be a compensation.
I stopped music because I’ve been following politics and it has not been in vain.I want to add my impact to my state.The only way i can serve my people is going into politics .We are from the streets, we know what the street wants and what they deserve.”

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