These Are The Categories Of People That Will Visit You This Christmas

During Christmas, different people visit you for different reasons especially if you are a youth. These are the categories of people that are most likely to visit you on Christmas day
1. The one whose main aim of visitation is just to swim in round of sekks (Boyfriend & Girlfriend things)** if I hear say na Christ dem dey celebrate **
2. The one who will come to your house very early to see if the cooking exercise has taken place. If it has not, he/she will promise to come back or ask you to flash him/her when it is ready
3. The ones who will visit you only to satisfy their stomach. After eating they will chill a bit and off they go
4. The one who will visit you and tell you they are not at your place only to eat. They will ask for Gulder, Star and other alcoholic drinks grin
5. The ones whose target is to eat your meat. They are not actually hungry but will demand for food. After serving them, they will eat just 2-3 tablespoonful and eat meat cos that is their target
6. The ones who will come to your house and start eating in a hurry ‘cos they are still going somewhere else to eat grin
7. The ones who will visit you and start tasking you for money. They will ask you to celebrate christmas for them grin ( wetin remain again after dem don chop na) )
8. The ones whom you can’t even recall the last time they visited you. They will just scroll in like the prodigal son grin 
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