The Funny Things Guys Do After Break Up

Yea, we all think men to be that cool headed dude who never gets shaken any time relationship ends, and people will go about thinking that the girl is the one that is mostly hurt, no no, but believe me, guys feel it hot too. And below are the things they do after breakup
1.CRYING: Believe it or not, they do not only cry at funerals, they cry for babes too. Quite a number of guys are guilty of this. Most of them come out doing “Odi eshi” (Igbo slang for ‘not bothered’). But the reverse is the case for a guy who cry after a heart break especially if he was in love with the girl.
2. STAY INDOORS: For some people, they cannot handle going out and people are asking where his babe is. The truth is, you can’tbe explaining to everyone. So some guys who can’t handle the heat avoid friends and events where they might see the ex or where people who knew them as a couple might be. Meanwhile some guys go the opposite direction.
3. HANGING OUT A LOT: This also occurs often. Guys do this because they need to take their minds off the good times they shared with the ex. The kissing and hugging, the hanging out on the beach, movie dates etc. So to avoid thinking a lot, they channel their energy into something else.
4. STALKING: From the interviews, I found that guys do this too. This is not the usual scary stalking. This is the subtle kind using social media to find out how the ex is faring, dressing to kill to go for events because you know the ex-girlfriend would be there, and other little things involved.
5. DRINKING: We all know some guys quit smoking or drinking because of a girl they fell in love with. But as soon as the relationship is over, they are back to old habits. They know they do not have to answer to anyone anymore or feel guilty. Alcohol and cigarettes tend to be their consolation so they drown and choke in it
6. SULKING: Yes, I said sulking! Some guys actually sulk when they are sad. After all the hanging out with friends, partying, drinking and loads more, they still end up alone with their thoughts. Back to square one! Trying to figure out where it went wrong. That is when sleep refuses to show up. Even after counting the ceiling a thousand times, they still can’t stop thinking of her. Even if some guys won’t agree with this, I am sure some others can relate.
7. STARE AT THE GIRL’S PICTURE: Personally, I found this hilarious! I didn’t know guys actually did this. I guess ladies aren’t the only softies in this world then.
8. ALL BABES ARE THE SAME: Obviously, it is after bad breakups you start to hear things like this. No matter how nice the girl is, they do not want to believe she is different from the next girl.
No mercy on the babes after a heart is broken. So in retaliation moves, he would start plotting to break the hearts of as many girls as possible! This is the most stupid acts of all.
9. CALL THE SECOND OPTION: It’s after they break up with their girlfriend, that they remember the other babe who liked them but they couldn’t date, because they were in a relationship. She becomes his new besty. He starts to tell her he likes her and boom!They go on from there. But this is never a good fortune for the girl because she ends up being the rebound. No girl likes to be on that end of the rope.

10. TRY TO ACT LIKE THEY DON’T CARE: This is typical amongst guys. They put up a front so they do not get dissed by their friends.They try to hide that they are really softies. Some even go as far as dating their ex’s friends or a hotter babe just to get back at her.Things we do for love!!! At the end of the day, it is all based on the maturity of the guy. Sometimes it works out negatively, and sometimes positively. Choose your path!

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