Ten Good Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Getting Married

Its the season to get married! Yes, the wedding month is here and your best friend, colleague and cousin are all getting married.
In fact, the wedding celebrations are making you and your man think of taking the plunge too. Well, if you are, I suggest you sit down with your man and take a moment.
Why do you want to get married? Ask yourself these 10 questions and if you can give yourself a satisfactory answer to each, you are on the right track.
1. Can you tolerate each other at your worst?
Marriage isn’t all red roses and champagne and it’s important for
you both to understand each other at your worst and work through the arguments and disagreements.
2. Are you caught up in the moment?
From friends to family to colleagues, everyone seems to be changing their relationship status to married and you are afraid of being left behind? Don’t walk down the aisle simply because you are on a wedding deadline.
3. How well do you get along with your in-laws?
Accept it or not, your in-laws play an integral role in your married life, especially if you are marrying a family guy. Make sure they treat you with the respect you deserve and that he gets the same treatment at your home.
4. Do you like yourself as a couple only on paper?
You like what he represents or what he can provide you with post marriage? But do you really like him? Take the decision to tie the knot only if you can envision a happy future together based on the type of person he is and not on the things he can give you.
5. Do you want the same things from the marriage?
Have a good long talk before you print out the wedding cards. What are your expectations? Are you planning to have kids, when and how many? It’s best to discuss these things beforehand then get unpleasant surprises later on.
6. Are you honest with each other?
Can you be yourself when you are with each other or do you have to put up an act to be accepted? No one should be forced to act like the perfect partner the other person has in their mind.
7. Can you trust each other completely?
Do you find yourself constantly looking for signs that he is cheating? Do you find him going through your phone chats to make sure you aren’t lying? Take these as warning signs. Trust is the next big thing after love that is needed to make a marriage work.
8. Can you imagine your life without him?
If yes, then you clearly need a rethink!
9. Do you have your own space?
While it’s good to do things together as a couple and strengthen your marriage, it is also important to have your own space and be your own person. Make sure you get and give that freedom
10. Do you have a healthy sex life?
Make sure he respects your sexual boundaries and doesn’t force you into doing something that you are not comfortable with.

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