Kim K and Kanye West

 The protection of the reality TV Star has become the number one priority for her hubby, Kanye West. According to him, the rate of kidnapping is now high, and he has adopted extreme measures in protecting his wife and daughter, North West. Kim revealed she has only 3 phones, one she called her security guide, in which only Kanye West calls her with, the other is for her family and two personal trainers, and the third is purely for work. 'Kanye keeps his inner circle tight, with North she'll only be looked after by her
grandmother Kris [Jenner] or her aunties. The couple were pictured heading to a busy restaurant together to have a good time, but according to Kanye, he still maintains the security, no matter how busy the place is. I guess Kim married the real man, who can protect her and her daughter. See picture below

Credit: Ukdailymail

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