Read This Situation Of Beyonce's Father, And Check If You Were Beyonce, Would You Let This Happen To Your Father?

Beyonce cut her dad from her life a few years ago after claiming mismanagement but it was mostly because Matthew Knowles hurt her mum by cheating with multiple women. Matthew, who used to be Destinys Child/Beyonce and Solange's manager, and was very instrumental to Beyonce's success, was so removed from Beyonce and her sister's lives that he wasn't even invited to Solange's wedding.

He's now so broke, that he's been reduced to making ends meet by selling tons of Beyonce, Destinys Child and Solange's souvenir in a garage sale outside his Houston office.

According to TMZ, he's selling this giant Beyonce poster for $200, old tour books for $20, a Solange CD for $1.96 and various pieces of House of Dereon clothing. He's also selling office furniture. His daughter is worth about $500m. Feel sorry for him. See pics from the garage sale after below

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