Photo: Olabomi Ojuade Reveals How Ex-boyfriend Posted Her Unclad Photos Online

A Nigerian man who is an asylum seeker in Dublin, Ireland, Peter Ifedayo, has brought shame to the whole country by posting Unclad photos of a single mother he was dating on his Watsapp page because she refused to give him money.
The heart broken Nigerian woman, Olabomi Ojuade, has been traumatised and has been unable to come to terms with the actions of a man she loved and trusted with all her heart. She has also taken to Youtube to release videos where she talks about the shame she
has been made to undergo as well as warn women to beware of men they give their hearts to. According to the story she gave out, she met Peter some months ago, not knowing his stock in trade is dating rich women in that country and living off them. He asked her for a relationship and thinking she has found the man to ease her of her loneliness, she gave her heart to him, gave him love and trusted him with her life
Then after a few months of dizzying love affair, in which time she did some naughty things with him like taking photos while making love, Peter went into his mode and started asking her for money. But when the demands became excessive and she could not come up with them, and told him they should call off the relationship, Peter threatened to blackmail her and post the Unclad photos on the Internet, a threat he carried out without minding the life he is going to ruin. The Unclad photos became viral a few days later and she has been so devastated and downcast. She had to make the videos and has been telling single mothers to investigate a man they want to date and be careful of introducing him to their kids or he could turn around to ruin their lives.

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