Pastor Chris Shares The Reason People Talk About Him Much, Read To Know What He Said

Yes, people will definitely talk about you, once you exist on earth. When that happens, believe me, its never a big deal. 
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the Head Pastor of Believers Loveworld aka Christ Embassy was the trend topic for every social media in recent days over his very public divorce from wife of over 20 years, Anita. He publicly shared his mind on the reason people talk about
him, much. He blew the trumpet that the reason is because ''he is a great man''. You believe that, right?
"A man's greatness is measured by the number of those who care about what happens to him or in his life. If 10 people talk about it, then your life has only influenced 10 people. But when the city or people from around the world start talking about it, then your life must have influenced them from that afar." Oyakhilome said.
What a good thought he has. 

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