Man Hunted By Police For Feeding Pet Snake With Live Puppies, Parrots (See Photos)

A Russian father who fed parrots, guinea pigs, cats and puppies to his pet snake and filmed the gruesome footage is on the run after being hunted by police. 
Father-of-two Andrei Generalov, 32, from St. Petersburg in north-western Russia, started uploading videos of his Boa Constrictor 'King' devouring rats and hamsters. Mail online reports that, But as the videos rose in popularity, he began taking suggestions from viewers who demanded more 'blood and gore'. 
With this in mind, he started feeding 'King' larger animals in the sickening videos, which included terrifiedpuppies. 

In the videos, he tells his audience:'
 'Why these senseless sacrifices? It's for the sake of food (ha ha).I like to film the way the animals fight for their lives, suffer and eventually die
 But furious campaigners - outraged at the appalling suffering - began a petition to take Mr Generalov to court.
After collecting more than 4,000 signatures, they handed it to the prosecutors office who ordered police to arrest him.
Local petition signer Tigran Evdokimov, 28, said: '
What this man did was sickening beyond belief.To film such cruelty and to enjoy it is the work of a very sick and dangerous man.' 
But his friend, Leopold Polyakov, 35, defended Mr Generalov describing him as a 'good, family man'.
 'Andrei is a very good man, a family man. He has three cats at home and has never shown any sign of cruelty towards people or animals.
'I find it just incomprehensible that he would do this.' 

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