I Was Under A Spell: 35-yr-old Who Raped 6-yr-old In Ibadan, Read The Girls's Painful Experience

35-year-old Kazeem Yusuf is in soup after defling a six-year-old Nursery 2 pupil. He forcefully had carnal knowledge of her in his room at Kosodo area of Oranyan, Ibadan on Sunday, December 7, 2014.
In her statement to the police, the little girl said that
 “when we got to the man’s house, he gave my friend who is his niece money to go and buy sachet water for him. He lives on the first floor of an old storey building with wooden staircase.“Before
my friend came back, the man carried me and put me on the bed. He did not remove my dress or my pants but just drew my pants aside. He started doing something to me. I was crying but no one came. My friend came back and we left for home. My mother saw me crying and asked whether I was hungry but I told her to look at my private part as blood was coming out.”
 Speaking with Crime Reports, Yusuf, a tipper lorry driver, pleaded guilty. He disclosed that he lost his wife in 2013 but has a lover with whom he still had sex less than a week before his misdemeanor.

“I live at Oranyan community in Ibadan, Oyo State. My wife died in 2013 and my three children live with my mother-in-law. The young girl came to my room with my niece while I was eating and I told my niece to go and buy sachet water for me. Before she returned, I had laid the other girl on the bed and had sex with her. I didn’t remove the panties at all. I just shifted the panties to one side and penetrated her. I left her when I heard the footsteps of my niece ascending the stairs but I was yet to ejaculate. 
“My niece said they were leaving and I bade them farewell. Then, I did not notice blood coming from the girl I laid. I was later called and confronted with raping my niece’s friend. I don’t know what made me do what I did. I have never done such a thing. I still had sex a week before the incident. I don’t smoke hemp, but I take spirit and smoke cigarette. That day, I took two sachets of gin and smoked cigarette before my act.
“I am from a polygamous home and I am sure they are behind my predicament. My mother left my father when we were kids for another man. My mother gave birth to six children for my father, but we are just two that are left.”
When asked why he protected his niece and did not touch her, Yusuf replied that since he was under a kind of spell, it could have happened to his niece too. 
“It was when I sent my niece that sachet water that the evil thought came that I should have sex with the girl,” Yusuf said.

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