I Love My African Man: Here Are Ten Reasons To Marry An African Man

You might be familiar with common traits of husbands from different countries in Europe, or even different states in the United States. But do you know much about how men with African roots are raised to treat their partners? Family and marital dynamics in African cultures are varied and interesting, and the relationship between a husband and wife is sacred. 
Here are 10 reasons a man with African roots would make a great husband. 
He’ll do anything to protect your family
In most African tribes and cultures, anything that threaten or
offends a man’s family is immediately a threat or offense to him. You’ll never feel alone in your battles—your husband will fight them like they’re his own
Your relationship is a building block to him
In many African cultures, the marriage between a man and a woman is a crucial building block for a man’s life. After being married, in many African cultures, a man is then able to go after other pursuits. Your relationship won’t just be as something “fun” or seen as an accessory: it will be seen as crucial.
He has a good relationship with his parents
 In African cultures, men take care of not only their wives and children, but also their parents and even grandparents. If you’re tired of meeting men who don’t have good relationships with their parents, that probably won’t be an issue with an African man 
You’ll get a big family 
African families stay very close. An African man feels as obligated to help his third cousin as he does his immediate siblings. When you marry an African man you’ll instantly inherit a large, close-knit and supportive community
He feels responsible for the wellbeing of your family
 In African cultures, the man is the provider of the family. There is no doubt in the mind of an African man that he is directly responsible for the wellbeing and happiness of his family. He’ll think about how all of his decisions affect you, not just himself.
He is proud to be a husband 
Whereas in many western cultures, men are taught to see marriage as some sort or prison— something that takes away their freedom — African men see it as a means to new freedom. Others see him as a man now instead of a boy. He is proud to say he has a wife and children, rather than sheepish about it. In African cultures, your success is measured more by how strong and happy your family is than anything else.
He’ll be shunned if he gets out of line 
In African cultures, if a man mistreats his wife, the rest of the community tends to shun him and considers him useless. Since one of his most important roles is as husband and father, if he does something bad for the family, his community truly does see him as a failure.
He appreciates a home cooked meal 
Western cultures have learned to appreciate endless pasta cards from chain restaurants, great deals on ready-made chicken from the deli and celebrity-run restaurants. And that has turned the homemade meal into something second rate and boring. But an African man really values a good homemade meal.
He’s open to learning
If a man moved directly from Africa to the United States, he already accepts that life will be very different and there will be a lot to become accustomed to, so he will be open to learning from you!
Nurturing doesn’t look needy
Many women from the western world have been taught that being nurturing to a man can look needy like taking care of him when he’s sick or just being particularly affectionate. But African men are very comfortable with being nurtured, and in fact crave it!

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