How Kim Kardashian Lost 1.3 Million Followers On Instagram

After the social media application deleted inactive and spam accounts
While Kim Kardashian was a victim of Thursday’s Instagram Rapture, she also emerged from the purge with an impressive new title: the most-followed Insta-celeb.
In the social media application’s effort to delete inactive and spam accounts, many users saw a drop in their follower count, including Kardashian.
The reality star, who recently tried to break the Internet with her Paper Magazine cover, lost 1.3 million of her 23 million Instagram followers.

She now has more followers than Justin Bieber, who said goodbye to more than 3.5 million of his 23 million Instagram followers.
Kardashian and Bieber weren’t the only celebrities to see a major drop. Ariana Grande was hit hard, losing 1.5 million of her 21 million followers, and Beyoncé lost more than 800,000 of her 22 million followers.
Andy Cohen also says ''I lost 20k followers in the #InstagramPurge and I'm feeling cleaner than ever! Only real people, please! Twitter, next?
And Nicki Minaj says ''Them 500K ppl really thought they was following me tho. Yall played yall self.
So they are not bothered.

Source: Time Magazine

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