How Cultist Successfully Gang Raped Girlfriend (Photo)

Love involves risk quite alright, but its more better when we know very well the person we are about to share some of our lives with.
16-year-old Jolade (surname withheld) didn’t know she had been dating a suspected cult member until the unexpected happened to her.
Whenever she remembers the ugly experience she allegedly went through in the hands of her boyfriend and three of his friends, she
curses the day she met him.

Jolade was said to have been gang-raped by four suspected cultists including her boyfriend of over two years, Oluwole Seyi, 18.

Another girl, Tawa (surname withheld), said to be the girl friend of one of the other suspects, was also not spared as the boys allegedly had carnal knowledge of her in quick succession.

The three other suspected rapists were identified as Olayinka Andrew,18; Tobi Akindolapo, 17; and Ayomide Akinbinu, 18.

Sunday Vanguard gathered that the victim was deceived by her boyfriend who allegedly told her they were  attending a party in Ondo town that night.
But unknown to her, the boyfriend had allegedly arranged with three of his friends to commit the dastardly act. On getting to the said party, the victim was said to have become apprehensive when there were no signs that a party was in the offing.

She reportedly raised eyebrows over the mode of dressing of her boyfriend and his friends who allegedly put on black shirts and trousers with red scarfs on their heads. She, however, played along when she discovered that another lady was with the boys. But suddenly the boys reportedly pounced on her and the other girl and the four of them had carnal knowledge of them.

The boyfriend, the police, quoting the victims, said, took the first shot before the others took their turns.The suspects, it was alleged, ignored the girls’ cries for mercy. The victims reportedly bled profusely after the sexual assault.

Speaking with Sunday Vanguard on the arrest of the four suspected cultists who allegedly raped the girls, the Ondo State Police Command image maker, Wole Ogodo, said the suspects were arrested in Ondo town.
Ogodo said they were amongst the 14 suspected cultists arrested across the state.

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