Dear Love, Pls Advice Me, My Husband Is Starving Me Se^ually, Claiming That ''I'm Spoilt''

Dear Love
I am in a mess; I married a fool as a husband. He lacks all the happiness and a joy couple can get from the bedroom game. And each time I introduce a new style, he will say ’’ I am going wild, that I am spoilt’’, ok, buying porn films so as to trigger his desire for sex, and also make him learn more tricks and styles, and yet he will say that I am committing a sin. What do I do? My husband is starving me sexually and I am not happy about it. He now institute that we will be making love only once in 2 weeks but yet, during that time, he will not even know how to give me the satisfaction I
need, and if I try any new style apart from the normal missionary style he knew, he will feel  I am wild. I am really confused, and I don’t want to engage into any extra-marital affairs, but the way things are going, I don’t think I can trust myself any more. I married him without dating him, so I never knew he is not good on bed, when we married newly, I thought I could change him, but it seems I am not getting any luck in achieving that purpose. Please, I need your idea here. Thanks, I am from Ghana
My dear, it’s a pity you are passing through sexual starvation. I wish you had stated how old your marriage is and calling your husband a fool is totally unacceptable, no matter what.
Marriage is for better and for worse, so this is the worst aspect of it, and your wisdom, patience and prayer is needed to put things to place. Marital sexual starvation is one of the reasons that lead to extra marital affairs. But as a Christian mother, you don’t need to allow that to push you into adultery. It’s true your husband is lacking it, but professional therapist can help put him in order. Since you are not in Nigeria here, just try and convince him to visit a family counsellor or therapist over there in Ghana, I believe they will help eradicate such orientation he had towards sex. You guys are married, and promised to share the rest of your lives together; good sexual relationship is seriously needed to maintain that love to avoid boredom.
Always bear in mind that marriage is not a bed of roses, making God the head of your family will help you get through some of the challenges that comes your way.
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