Dear Love, My Babe Says She Needs Only Sex, Now She Claims She Is Pregnant, What Do I Do?

Dear Love
My name is Emeka and am 28year old graduate, I met this girl, hername is ogechi, she is 23, I met her in the bus after my nysc 3weeksorientation program, we became friends and one thing lead to another, I fell in love with her, but through our conversation on phone before we finally meet in person, she told me that she don't need anything from the relationship, that she only need sex, that I should prepare myself very well in term of strength, so that she can enjoy the sex, that she know  I don't have strength to make her to enjoy it. After the argument and other arrangement, she finally
come to my friend house where am staying, we have sex, but doing the sex she remove the condom and I ask her why she did so, she told me that she is free on her period and I said ok, that you should take care of yourself, that am not ready to have a baby. After
spending her time in my friends house were am staying then, she got a call from one boy maybe her boy friend or her friend request her to come over, the next day, I beg her to stay and not to go that day, but she insist that she must see him, I said no problem I can't stop u, from there, I see her off, on getting to place were she will board a bus, I don't know what happened her phone,  she call me and told me that her phone got missing, she start crying profusely, I promise her that I will give her half of the money, but when she told me that her parents are all late, that her uncle is only taking care of of them, I fit pity for her, I said ok I will buy you new phone like yours since am doing my NYSC, she stop cry and believe in me.., from that day, if I calls, she will ask me that Idon't want to buy the phone for her, that she will stop picking mycalls because she has two phone then, I told her to give me sometime, that am not finance balance, that I will redeem my promise. One day I call her, I ask she should promise me that she will be there for me, because am doing my service at kano and she is in east part, that place is Anambra state.., her answer she give me got me to wonder, she told me that she can't promise me that, that if God say yes, that she can't say no, from there, I told her, so u can't hold yourself for me, she said I should stop disturbing her, that she can't promise me what she can't do. To cut the story short, after my service, I got her call for the first time, she is a kind of girl that believe if I did not send her money to recharge, she will not call nor text, my surprise is that we stop talking to our self going to 2year because she did not agree that she will be there for me, I said to myself, since you can't, that means you will cheating and all that. I stop calling her. But when I got her call after my service for 2yrs now, am surprise, she ask me whether I don't wanna come east again, I told her I will come, that when am through in what am doing, I will invite her over. I later returned to the east and we saw, but few days we stay together, I see thing, she begin to tell me that if I did not take her out, drink,  smoke or be fat in body, she will quit this relationship, another one that makes me so sad is, there is a day I wanted to kiss her, she reject but when I force my mouth on her, she spit many times, she clean her mouth with her cloth, and I felt disgrace that day, not only that, she told my friend that am using my visa to be deceiving her, is because my visadelay, she told me time without number to go, that I have over stayhere in east, the reason is because I did not get the money in time totravel, she never reply  if I tell her I love her, she complain toomuch, never accept fault, talk arrogantly, and she never care for oneday, she make a lot of calls in my presence, I heard her telling oneguy on phone that if you want her to come lagos, is your money. even sometime, she will ask me to pay before sex with jokes, and told me that everything is money to her, that money is everything to her,  and were I met here, she did not know anybody there, and she stay like 3days,I notice she is a runs girl, because her friend is telling her let go to club on friend, which I heard them on phone and told me that her friend did not mean it, I laugh and said ok because she visit me then, she is schooling in Oko poly, but on 25 dec, I called her to wish her happy xmass, which she never call nor text me since I travel out, I call when I get money,  we talk and talk, till I cut the call, I told her that I will call her friend but when I call her friend, she told me my friend is pregnant and I laugh, I called my friend and I ask her, she said yes, I told her is it what we discuss before, note: anytime she want me to have sex with her,  I will bring condom, but she will say no for it,  I keep telling her that am not ready to have any kid or take care to any responsibility now. Which we all agree,but my surprise is to hear she is pregnant and which she did not tellme with her mouth, before that time, her friend again told me that10000 was seize in the atm of her friend, I later find out she needmoney because am about to travel, but her friend told me that myfriend is not healthy that she need the money for drugs, which is lie.And again I notice she and her friend want to get money again from meby saying she is pregnant, because I travel out of country. I told hershe is joking and she should. Stop calling me again, that is lying toget money from me,  that I hate you for that, she did not say anythingand I stop calling her. She don't bother because she never botherabout this relationship or care. That is it, I felt I don't like heranymore, she lie and lie to me, and am not ready to take anyresponsible because if is true that she is pregnant, she would havetold me that she miss her period while am in nigeria and she did nottell me that till now, is going to 2 months plus that I left nigeria.I called her and told her how come, she said that she don't know thatshe is pregnant till her family member tell her that, but she told methat she has dated like 25 people in the past, I wonder how come shedon't know about missing her period for 2 months. So what can I donow. Thanks
My Dear, Its such a pity you love this girl, but to tell you the fact, she is not even ready for real love, or anything love. Do I say she is associated with bad and corrupt peers or that she had a very ugly orientation about love and sex. I am sorry to tell you this, she is not all that into you, can't you see, she doesn't even respect you, she doesn't even care about your feelings, making all those calls in your presence, calling other men, telling them that, with their money, she will pay them a visit, all in your presence. If she is truly in love with you my dear, all those things would have been done in your absence, if actually she is such a person. You mentioned, tried kissing her, she spat out and wiped her lips with cloth, I know how embarrassing that could be. I'm sorry my dear, your girl is that type that believes in love with money, believe me now, if you starts showering her with so much money, she will start showering you with so much love, and that is not the ideal girl I would advise any one to have. I believe in love and when its pure, not when its attached to anything. She claims she is pregnant, for loves sake, listen to her, find out if actually she is saying the truth, don't just ignore her. Giving her a space would be a very good idea, since you are not yet ready for marriage, just give her a space and allow her to be ready for love, life needs to show her some other parts of it, when that time comes, she will be ready for you provided the great deal of lessons life thought her. But if you have searched your heart and found out you can't continue with her anymore, you are free to move on with your life, love is sweet, it needs to be shared with people that understands it, because part of our happiness depends on it. 
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