Dear Love: Just Check This Situation Between Me And My Boyfriend, And Help Me Make A Choice (Read)

Dear Love
Please, I would love you to check this situation for me. My boyfriend suddenly told me that he is not ready yet, for marriage. That he will first of all sets his business well, build a house, both in the city and in the village, buy cars before settling down. Right now, marriage is the last thing in his mind. He never say this before, he used to tell me that in 2 years time, he must have gotten married, so I was so surprised to hear this striking confession from him. And why he is saying this now is because he knew I am now 100& ready for marriage, so I am confused, maybe he said it just to scare me away. I just want to confirm from you before taking the
next step because I have another suitor already. It’s just that I have known him for long and getting married to somebody I barely knew is giving me a headache. Thanks
My dear, I really get your point. You know some men really don’t like it when disturbed with the issue of marriage, but those that strongly loves you will give you every assurance they want you, and will plead to give them more time, especially when they are not ready yet, at the moment but in few months or years time. But make sure you are not so desperate about marriage, to avoid making a mistake and choosing the wrong choice, and you know what that could do to your future happiness. Yes, telling your lover you are ready for marriage, but mostly in a subtle manner is never a bad idea, from there you will get to listen to his plans towards you, but pray he tells you the truth, and not pretend just to have you around while he has another plan.  
Telling you he is not ready for marriage is just simple, he can’t marry you now, that is it, if really he wanted you, he would have begged you to wait. I have seen some men that rushed their women because of competition with other men, so that they won’t snatch his love.
Just ask him again, in a warm manner his stance with you, don’t make it look you are so desperate. While doing that, you can still give the other guy a chance, but don’t have sex with him ooo. From there, you will know the best option to adopt.
But know that marriage love is always a complicated issue, but putting it in God’s hand will help you eradicate some of the mistakes and regrets that come from it. Just pray and ask God for direction, I believe he will help you make the right choice.
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