As You Are Planning For Your Wedding, These Are The Type Of Guests You Should Not Invite

As you are making plans for the day, which is considered to be the most happiest day of your life. Some believe it happens ones in a life time, while some still believe it can happen twice or thrice because they believe in divorce. Now that you've just got engaged, the next thing you do is plan your wedding. The foremost thing to do about your upcoming wedding is to make a budget and stick to the plan, and one of them is the number and type of guest you will invite, there are some guest you need not to invite, so you better
think twice before sending that special invitation.
Below are those guest you don't have to invite
The ex: Even though you may be keeping in touch with your ex, he/she can be the worst guest for your wedding. An important wedding tip is that an ex can definitely be one of the worst guests to invite for a wedding. It is better to play it safe than inviting your ex. If you invite your ex, he/she would intentionally ruin your wedding.
Eccentric relative: An aunt loves spreading rumours to give you and your family a hard time. If you have no other option but to invite your relative, then give them a seat at the back and never make eye contact with them during your wedding ceremony. If you have a drunken uncle (mother's brother or your dad's sister's husband) who has a history of taking potshots at friends or guests, then try to ask somebody to keep an eye on him so that he doesn't ruin your big day. It is better to keep them at a distance so that you don't have to listen to their snarky comments.
Your drunken friend: Never invite a guest who makes a fool of herself or himself at parties by consuming a lot of alcohol. Always use some prudence when it comes to inviting people. The last thing you want is a person turning out to be a nuisance especially when drunk.
Big no to kids: If you are desperate to get married, then try not to invite kids for your wedding. Inviting kids can be a cause of concern as you always need adult supervision when children are around. Moreover, if there is nobody to take care of the kids, then things can go out of hand and it can turn out to be stressful for you. If your wedding is a family affair, then children can be the worst guests to invite for wedding. If someone loves children and is willing to take care of them, then feel free to invite them for your wedding.
Wedding crasher: Even though you have no intention of inviting this person to your wedding, they will show up unannounced. If you don't want them to hold the spotlight, then simply ignore them.
Naysayer: No matter how serious you are about getting married, there will always be one person in your life who doesn't approve of your choice of your life partner. It may be your mother or your close pal who can indeed cause a lot of stress. So, it is better to avoid getting into arguments if you want to enjoy your big day.
A girl who loves the spotlight: It is your wedding and you want to look your best. Yet there will be a girl who wants to outshine you. She might be someone who want to garner attention for her fashionable clothes and heels. She will look for every method to outsmart you. She can be a friend or a co-worker. So instead of feeling irritated, it is best to ignore her.

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