Read All The Juicy Report From Wiz Khalifa's and Amber Rose

Hmmmm, its Wiz Khalifa, and the post only needs to be read by the mature minds. And I believe after reading it, we will all know why Amber Rose claims she can't marry another, but Wiz Khalifa. Hmm, she can't live without Wiz ''di^k'' hehehehe. There has been report waxing around that the rapper, Wiz Khalifa made a sex tape with this model, but he forbids its release, you know, things can't remain hidden for ever. Now MediaTakeOut has all the juicy report from the sex tape. 
" got a private screening of the Wiz Khalifah sextape . . . and let us tell you . . . it is amazing. Rapper Wiz Khalifah may have the biggest d**k that we've
ever seen . . . even bigger than those porno dudes. At one point - it was close to the models head . . and Wiz d**k was so massive it's bigger than her head. And that White chick has a big head. By our measurement - the thing has to be at least 13 inches. We're told to expect an official leak this weekend. Trust us, when you see it, it'll be worth it!

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